With our portfolio ventures we perform wholesale and retail activities with a particular focus on online. Our distribution reach is global through our offices in Hong Kong, Amsterdam and Montreal and warehouses in North-America, Europe and Asia.

Our partners

Our retail partners are of critical importance to our success and growth. Together we've been able to develop advanced retail programs supported by operations that excel and are sustainable.  We're on a growth spurt and are continuously expanding our partner-base worldwide. Our brands are currently being retailed and distributed in North-America, South-America, Asia, Oceania and Europe. We can be found across close to 70 online retailers and in well over 50000 physical stores. 

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Our ventures

The ERS Ventures portfolio companies have been experiencing significant growth with our top-performers doubling sales month-to-month. Our teams' excellence in branding, trends and e-commerce has allowed us to build a flourishing portfolio of brands and makes for a unique, fast-paced work culture and environment. We're an ambitious group of product developers, marketers, operations specialists and sales specialists and are having the time of our lives while building great things.

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